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Lair of the Leviathan - the best one yet??

posted by Arwald on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
I personally believe this chapter to be the best of all.
Although, I trully hated the interior :)
But the number of non-standard original quest tasks was simply amazing for what I could have expected from TTG in my wildest dreams:

1) Waking up LeFlay was a short but a nice touch

2) The married-couple game was fun

3) The Pirate Face - simply outstanding

4) Leviathan dating puzzle - bloody grrreat

+ the universal three-puzzle-nonlinear-solving classic is like a trademark of MI series for me, which was started by the "Three Trials" of LucasArts and was successfully continued in "Three Pirate News" by TellTale.

And the jokes became wonderfully refined! The "Seabiscuit" one simply made me cry ))

Keep the good work, TellTale!
And remember "Originality counts!"
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  • Way, way too easy, but probably the best one in terms of writing. That may be partly because it has the previous two to build on, though.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Arwald;204839 said:
    And the jokes became wonderfully refined! The "Seabiscuit" one simply made me cry ))
    Hehe - that one was so out of left field, I too was almost in tears. :)
  • I loved the original quests too. Possessing the Voodoo Lady - great!

    Well i feel like Zoidberg...
  • from the buzz of the forum (and this poll) seems like chapter 3 is the best so far. i think its the fact that telltale respects, keeps in contact and takes advise from fans wich i really respect. you rarely see that kind of thing around.telltale is deffo my fav video game company becasue of that
  • Chapter 3 by far, not only because of Murray, he alone takes it to very VERY good, but the overall polish, it feels like more people have been working on this, (the people that worked on Wallance and gromit) perhaps. Just from the start to the areas to the chracters, to the animations to the sound, to the writing, to the puzzles, even the damn credits were perfect! :D

    Face animations and how characters can move, say thru those tubes i love it. It really adds to the wackyness that the 2d adventure games had.

    This is the best ever delivered from Telltale in my opion, the 3d art are getting very pretty and less and less static.

    Big question is, cant Tales of Monkey Island handle more Murray and will we see more Murray. From the polls we can see that Murray is as popular as Guybrush.

    Really hope we see more to Murray and ofc that telltale will keep improving unique, wierd and funny characters :)
  • Yep. 3 is the best thus far.
  • It sure is! :) Telltale gonna have to work night and day until Xmas to top the quality with the 2 last episodes or atleast match.

    In other words HELP yourself Telltale and BRING BACK MURRAY! :D
  • now we havto be asking ourselves. can telltale top it? we shall see
  • It was pretty easy compared to the others, and it was a lot shorter.

    That being said, the characters and the script were alot better.

    It goes to show that telltale listens to fans and responds to our demands. It's making the series great.
  • Ch.3 it's way too easy, but absolutely the best in terms of writing.
    NPCs are awesome!
    Gags are hilarious.

    Graphically the enhancements are good (e.g. lighting effects), but the ambients are not so great, even because of little particulars like the coin mountain.

    The best chapter so far, but you can do even better!

    Go go Telltale!
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