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Sam & Max Vs Phoenix Wright...

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...or how to get people to read your post! Harr harr!

Anyway, as many adventurers here, I was thrilled and eveloped in a blanket of bliss while playing Culture Shock. Nearly everything is perfect : graphics, animation, writing, humor...But as most people, I found the game quite short. Like "demo" short. C'mon, I mean 2 hours dammit!

"Take that!"

Now's where I use the comparison with Phoenix Wright : every first chapter of the series is like a tutorial, right? Didn't Culture Shock FEEL like on of those?
I think it's a good way of telling the people at Telltale what we're expecting for the next episodes. More of the same, more complicated. They certainly already know that's what we want, but I thought that the comparison was necessary for good understandig. After all, Phoenix Wright is pretty popular amongst adventure gamers nowadays, so I guess it's a good example, in my french opinion.

Oh, and I thought the game was a little buggy. Did anyone experience slowdowns, or memory leaks of some sort?
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  • Slowdowns, yup. Well, not so much general, prolonged slowdowns as random stuttering, which is very odd considering the low graphical/technical quality of the game. No idea what was going on there... some engine problem?

    Agreed on the length, although given that, they managed to stuff a fair amount of neat stuff into it.

    I really need to buy Phoenix Wright. Christmas list'd!
  • Yeah, Phoenix Wright is one of the best New Wave (I mean "post-Sierra/Lucasarts") adventure games ever. And if you buy it for Christmas, you can take the sequel too (Japanese edition, but you can set it in English).

    I think the humor of these two games is very similar, and I hope the next S&M episodes will follow the "crescendo-going-quality" of the cases in PW.
  • That's right mec, you got ze point!
  • I must be the only one who isnt't really charmed about Phoenix Wright.

  • I sincerely, SINCERELY hope that culture shock was a sort of "easing you in" difficulty. I shall certainly be checking the reviews for episode 2 and if its this easy I wont be buying. I personally liked the way Phoenix Wright did things it starts of with puzzles that wont stretch you TOO much but by case 5 you REALLY have to work the old grey matter to figure things out.
    Suffice to say ive just ordered on import PW2 from Japan, it has both Japanese and English on there so no worries about translation.
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    Squinky Telltale Alumni
    Erwin;12083 said:
    I must be the only one who isnt't really charmed about Phoenix Wright.
    Yes, yes, you must be.
  • Squinky;12211 said:
    Yes, yes, you must be.
    It's lonely at the top.

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