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And I don't just mean Murry: the fact that they added that extra part with Winslow was just strawberries and cherries on the top of a double-scooped superspecialawsome It's one word; look it up banana-split ice-cream dish with Murry's Credit Commentary Chocolate Sauce Now available at your local Smiling Stan's anywhere.
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  • Are we including title sequences here? Because really, it does not compare to the cinematic greatness of(for example) the Dr. Strangelove, Pink Panther, or James Bond opening credits. The "Series of Unfortunate Events" end credits also are amazing, almost putting to film the spirit of the books better than the film did.

    If we're talking video games only, Portal wins hands-down. Monkey Island itself has a far more witty and worthwhile end credits joke under its belt with the "Okay, now you can go outside and do something important" bit. There's the interactive Super Smash Bros. credits sequence where you get to shoot at the different names. And the artsy end credit sequence for Flower.
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis has the best opening credits in a videogame.
  • jp-30;206184 said:
    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis has the best opening credits in a videogame.
    He's talking about the end credits you crazy foo's.
  • I agree. This surpasses Portal IMHO.
  • pilouuuu;206189 said:
    I agree. This surpasses Portal IMHO.
    As much as I love Murray riffing, NOBODY surpasses Jonathan Coulton!
  • image

    What are you cake lovin' mortals talking about? I need no vocal cords to sing the song "Still Dead" for the closing credits. I just don't want to. And if you can't appreciate my biting commentary on the people who make these lousy games, then you definitely should go outside and do something important (like recruit a militia for me. That way I'll kill you painlessly.) And who is this Jonathan Coulton? Seems to me to be a worse geek then Leepwood. "Oh, my names Jonathan Coulton, and I wanna be a singer- songwriter-for-a-game-about-cake."

    I know what yer thinking. "Aww, the widdle skuwly wully talks big for someone who's only a side character in a pirate game." Well, ignorant fools, little do you know how much money I rake in with this gig for my next EVIL plot, not to mention all of the brainwashed fan boys I shall be drafting into my undead army. Let's see GLaDOS do THAT!


    Though I must admit, that computer takes after my own evil heart.

    And that Portal gun would definitely increase my mobility...
  • Is anyone else getting the marvelous idea that perhaps Coulton should write a song all about our beloved demonic talking skull?
  • Amazing credits, indeed!!
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