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Telltale! Please let us know...

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This has probably been asked a lot of times but,

is there any chance whatsoever that you might start making full length adventure games someday? If TOMI turns out a hit (which I suspect it already has), would you go out on a limb and go for one big game, instead of episodes?

Not necessarily Monkey Island (though that's what we'd REALLY like to see), but ANY full length game?

Thank you.
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  • I don't see why they need to. Monkey Island is essentially one big game, even the old games were divided into chapters. If you really wanted, you could just wait until they're all released and play them as one, but I think most would agree that the episodic formula works really well for things like Monkey Island and Sam & Max.

    Making a full retail game just wouldn't also just wouldn't be very profitable for them.
  • I guess they could do full games but thanks to Telltale I've really really started to like epsiodic gaming. Especially with a company like Telltale that listens to what the fans say and then change the next episode to correspond. At least, that's what I think they've been doing. Otherwise they're just very good at predicting exactly what fans want.
  • i hope they aill take the thing they did with ToMI a littlebit furder.
    they shut only sell the whole season and as alternativ option epsiode 1 on there page and if you have episode 1 you can buy episode 2 and only if you have episode 2 you can buy episode 3 and so on
    so that you can buy the episodes singel wise but cannot skip 1 episode

    and if you reach the end of one episode there wont be a clifhanger istead you get the great massage: please insert disk 22^^
  • I actually love the episodic approach! It makes you savor each chapter much more, and the excitement and speculation that comes with waiting is fantastic! Instead of sitting down and plowing through as much story as you can, you just sit back and really digest what you've seen and what you've done...
  • as long as we get another season of MI I'm happy.
  • I'm sure TTG aren't ruling anything out, but apart from being a business model that really works well for them, TTG do episodic because they like that approach and think it's worthwhile.

    I don't really think they are wishing they could do a full-length game if only they had the chance.
  • I thought that their CSI game was one full game release? But I like episodic games. I have full adventures and they are cool, but I usually have to wait years for them to come out and that sucks. I get excited for my monthly Telltale games fix.
  • Most tv shows do a "movie" or a special every now and again, I'd certainly enjoy something like that but I have no complaints with episodic gaming :cool:
  • I would be interested in a non-licensed full game... You know, to see what they come up with.
  • Irishmile;206479 said:
    I would be interested in a non-licensed full game... You know, to see what they come up with.
    Yeah, i'd love something truly original, though the licenced properties are so much more low-risk I guess
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