Telltale: Ammendment Suggestion

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Can you please input some sort of auto-image resizing? It is a bit ridiculous that every time I post a screenshot or concept art, it can quite easily be 1280/720 and the forum shall do naught to resolve the issue. Resulting in behemoth-like page stretching. One of the forums I visit has an automatic cut-off point at which the image is scaled down so as to prevent such things. Would it not be possible for someone to implement such a thing and save us all a few headaches?:confused:


  • David EDavid E Telltale Alumni
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    This might be something we can look into later, but I think you're the first person to complain about this issue. It seems like some people would have the opposite opinion, and would be annoyed by forced auto-scaling. I might be wrong, though :)
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