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Sam and max demo problem

posted by ChodTheWacko on - last edited - Viewed by 552 users
While I"m waiting for support to get me an activation key.......

I'm hitting some sort of graphical bug where the menu (or I think there's a menu) isn't showing up.

When I tilt the inventory box, I can't see any of the objects.
I can, however, see the names of them, so that's how I know they are here.

When they are talking to the rat, I only see word choices.
I suspect there is supposed to be something else on the screen, as I accidentally clicked on something to the left of the words, which brought up more word choices.

I suspect there is supposed to be a menu somewhere that I can't see, as I can't see how to save the same or anything.
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  • I restarted the game, and I can see the menu wheel on top, and the items in the box.

    Another missing thing: the subtitles did not have a little face by them showing you who was talking.

    Of course, I had no idea it was supposed to be there till I restarted.
  • Weird. Don't know what would have caused that, but I'm glad to hear it was fixed when you restarted.
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