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Advice on ordering from UK.

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Hi, I'm hoping to order the Sam and Max Celebration pack later this month but I'm having trouble figuring out how much it may end up costing. Has anyone else from the UK ordered this pack? I know that when it arrives in the UK I will have to pay import duty etc but since the pack has the DVDs, a CD and clothing and a book, I'm worried it could end up costing a large amount. Thanks.
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  • You can actually go to the page where it shows shipping cost without paying. ;) Shipping is $44.30 it seems. Making it fairly expensive, but I suppose its still cheaper than buying all of the stuff seperate. Although watch out for Import Tax, when I ordered some stuff a month or 2 back I was charged quite a bit in terms of import tax. >.<
  • I don't know anything about the pack, but I can speak about my experiences of having just the discs delivered to me here in the UK. Particularly, because I bought the downloadable product, the end-of-season discs were at the cost of shipping only (actually nothing at the time as part of a promotion), so the customs label said that the total value was $1, thus no import duty was charged. Of course, I can't guarantee that things haven't changed, and I suspect that the situation would be different when a CD, clothing and a book are all included.
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