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S&M: Game hangs at ending

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When you did everything and you've seen the credits roll, the music plays on with the awesome drawing on the screen, but its all frozen... can't bring down the menu or anything. is something supposed to happen?
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  • I had the same issue. Had to hit Alt-F4 to close the game.
  • I'd have to play it again, but I think you're supposed to be able to access the menu at that point. What happens if you press Esc?
  • Yeah, this happened to me too. After the ending credits you go back to the main screen but it seems to be frozen. You can't bring down the menu by clicking on the wheel/gear icon and the 'Esc' key doesn't seem to work either. I ended up doing the Alt-F4 thing too. Not really a HUGE deal...

    I had a BLAST finishing the first episode! I'm definitely going to play it again!!
  • Does it definitely go back to the menu, or are we missing some last Sam & Max scene?...Maybe to leave on a cliff hanger to the next episode?
  • Nope, there's nothing after the credits.
  • It hung first time at the Sam & Max drawing for me too. Had to kill the process. But since the same drawing was there when I restarted, and there didn't seem to be anything left to see, I didn't think too much about it. :)
  • Same thing just happened to me after Episode 1.
    End credits finished, then it displays a drawing of Sam and Max on the hood of the Desoto and hangs, while street noises play in the background.
    The cursor is visible, and the little gear tab for the menu is there, but I can't click it. Also, the cursor disappears at the top of the screen.
    I noticed if I Alt-Tab out and back in the screen aspect ratio appears to have changed slightly - the tab is almost out of the top of the screen.

    I'm guessing I'm not really missing anything - am I?
    Edit: Same thing just happened at the end of Episode 2.

    (One other minor bug - the "fighting" noises at the end of Episode 1 kept playing all the way until the credits began to roll.)
  • same thing happened to me..had to end process
  • Same, in both episodes 1 & 2.
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