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Insult battles!!! [Rhyming]

posted by Geypi on - last edited - Viewed by 24.9K users
So yeah this crazy idea came to my mind. Why don't we have our own insult battles here :D? Please make this sticky. I think it could be fun but we have to make our own rhymes. But don't insult the people too much and if anyone is easly offended... it's JUST a game. The rules are simple:
-it has to rhyme of course
-you can only reply to the latest post
-you musn't use word that don't ryhm with anything (orange, purple, ninth,...)
-you musn't create a new rhyme if the latest hasn't been countered yet.

So the next post starts the battle!! It's on bitches!! :D (not insulting anyone with that it just sounds cool :D)
EDIT: so yeah i wanted to give some more rules.
-IF you want you can after replying to one rhyme make another one
-and please quote the rhyme you're responding to.
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