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Cant run offline

posted by BobbyDoo on - last edited - Viewed by 545 users
hi guys,

i downloaded, installed and startet sam&max without any problems... but in a few ours i m going on a trip an like to play it on the train. so i checkt out the game with switched off Wireless lan... (for offline mode).
well, it would not run anymore. saying the key is missing and i can choose between complete reset (to trial version), entering the key manualy or cancel... funny.

so where do i find the key with my hardware fingerprint? or how can i make the game run offline?


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  • haha just found out my self....

    you are note aloude to deactivate any hardeware... the fingerprint will change... so no changing switching the Wireless lan off!! good joke:)
  • IIRC, this only happens with certain configurations. Sorry yours is one of them. :(

    You could send us the HW fingerprint from when the LAN is off, and we'll send back an activation key that will work with that, but of course it will then only work with the LAN off. I think you could keep both of them handy though (maybe in a text file saved on your computer) and just reactivate using the appropriate key (one for LAN off / the other for LAN on) when needed.
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