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Can't download what I purchased

posted by moijk on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
I ordered the entire series but the only download link I got was to

Which kind of sucks cause I was looking forward to play the game I paid $35 for.

And many things i try to do I get errors. The webpages here must be fairly incomplete.
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  • You need to download the demo

    And take the option that you already payed and fill the options in there.
  • No wonder I found it confusing. Thanks, I'll try that.
  • downloading the demo to access the full game? that seems a tad backwards to me. is there no other way? i just purchased season 1 and i'm at work right now... i saw the "download" link on my final invoice page but didn't use it seeing as i planned on downloading it when i got home tonight.

    are there any updates on this, or will i just have to download the demo to access the real deal?
  • Downloading the demo isn't any different, it's the same file. Inputting your order details will just 'unlock' its demo status.
  • Exactly. It's the exact same file either way, but the one you grab from the confirmation page downloads pre-activated.
  • twoism;12319 said:
    Downloading the demo isn't any different, it's the same file. Inputting your order details will just 'unlock' its demo status.
    all i needed to know. perfect.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    We don't know why some users are getting a bad download link.. that shouldn't be happening. But if that does happen, fortunately there are alternatives to unlock.
  • it asked me to put my order nr and my password, but it keep saying something about payment is not ok and ask me to do that again. Which kind of sucks cause it says the same no matter what password, number or whatnot I write. And I've posted to activation support without no help so I fear I'm not going to play this weekend.

    So someone who knows about it. Why on earth doesn't my order number 4681496100 work?

    I've never had problems with something I've ordered and downloaded before. So it's pretty annoying. if it have had real error messages I would have actually knew what to do too. It's like using sony mp3 players. The product is great but the software around it sucks.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Hey moijk, I've forwarded this on to Emily and Terry to take a look at. One of them should get back to you soon and help you out.
  • Hi there Moijk,

    I just looked at your order, and it looks okay. I emailed you a password reminder just in case you're using the wrong password. Please try your order number and that password again... I've got my fingers crossed.

    If that doesn't work, click Activation Support and follow the instructions to get a manual activation key (if you haven't already).

    Very sorry for the inconvenience. :(
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