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[BUG] Guybrush has a malignant polygon

posted by Arskiainen on - last edited - Viewed by 263 users
Did a quick search and couldn't find a bugs section or this bug so here it is.

Ooh, ghastly.

It's one sided and stays still. Just lettin' you know.
Keep up the good work, moar monkeys!
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  • Eww, looks like he has been impaled! :eek:

    Are they foreshadowing the "Execution" with this? :rolleyes: Okay, let's be serious now. I didn't see this bug, I'm just wondering, when did it appear? Only when he was standing like this, or all the time on the docks of Spinner Cay?
  • Ahh, yes. Elaboration.

    It occurred both walking around and standing still on the docks. Although merely going to the menu and back fixed it.

    I just thought it mildly amusing. Probably a bug in the vertex weights or something. Or just a random glitch.
  • Or something wrong with your video memory. When my video card broke I saw heaps of stuff like that when playing Scarface and ARMA.
  • Weird! I hate to say it, but I'm sorta leaning with Nadir on this one, simply because no on else has reported it yet. If you start seeing more of this sort of thing, it might be worth running some diagnostic tests. Hopefully it's just an isolated case of bad data though.
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    It may be caused by overheating.
    Check your cooling equipment (malfunctioning or dirty fans, dirty thermal dissipators, etc)
  • I had a similar bug with sail while in the sea cut-scene. Unfortunately I didn't take any screenshots to prove it. :(

    Oh this bug happened again:
    I had taken this screenshot after that I returned to game and saw this:
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