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Game keeps crashing - Anyone got a save file? (Possible spoiler)

posted by GuybrushSheepblood on - last edited - Viewed by 319 users

I just downloaded the latest episode of TOMI. I have blasted through a good proportion of the game, however I find that I keep experiencing a crash to desktop at a very specific section. Everytime I try and talk to the male manatee, straight after I select a dialogue option, I am booted back to windows. :(

I have tried reloading an old save, re-installing and rebooting but still no luck. I have had zero problems with any of the other past episodes, nor any other problems with this one which makes things even more frustrating.
Does anyone have a save game file they could send me / upload, taken from just after the first manatee "conversation"? It's a last ditch attempt at trying to bypass the problem. If it doesnt work I will just have to resort to reading the guide in order to fill in the story, prior to chapter 4:-(

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