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Monkey Island characters you'd like to see return?

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So what are some Monkey Island characters you'd like to see return?
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  • Characters I'd like to see again (provided they have a logical place on the plot, and they're not simple non-sensical cameos):
    * Wally
    * Men of low moral fiber
    * Herman Toothroot (he's been in every game so far -even in CMI, as a animatronic puppet-, it's logical for him to reappear in the last act/chapter)
    * Fettuccinni Brothers
    * Largo La(Esponja?)Grande

    Characters I don't like to see again by any means (although if well made, I can change my mind):
    * Ozzie Mandrill (Nooooooooooooooo way)
    * Carla, Otis and/or Meathook
    * Ignatius Cheese
  • My list would look a little different...

    Characters I'd like to see again:
    + Stan (well, we know he'll be returning for Chapter Four, I just wanted to say I'm looking forward to seeing him)
    + Haggis, Cutthroat Bill and Van Helgen
    + Carla and maybe Otis and Meathook
    + Men of low moral fiber
    + Largo LaGrande
    + Wally
    + Kate Capsize

    Characters I don't like to see again by any means:
    - Herman Toothrot (PLEASE NO!)
    - Ozzie Mandrill (or any other characters introduced in EMI)
  • Other than Stan, really, I think that Tales has really met its quota.
  • I also liked the figerhead lady in EMI
  • I think Stan and Murray are more than enough for me. I mean, old beloved characters would indeed be a pleasant surprise, but I think that as long as innovation is well made, it's always better than the same "neighbourhood regulars" showing up all the time. It expands the universe of the game.
    I would trade no old character for a Morgan or a Human LeChuck.
  • I saw Murray We know Stan is coming up, so hmm let me think.

    Kate Capsize would be nice
    And I like the Barber Shop quartet "Yes! they were a Quartet with Guybrush singing along"
  • I'd love to see Wally in the next season.
    He'd be a young adventurer wannabe (Much like Guybrush in SMI) and his nemesis would be non other than the cunning evil pirate Guybrush Threepwood! Basicly, Guybrush would be "For Blackbeard's sake, I'm telling you I'm not evil, Wally!" and Wally would be "Spare me your lies, evil pirate scumm! I've been tricked before by your goody-goody looks."
  • Sailorcuteness;214098 said:
    I also liked the figerhead lady in EMI
    Yeah I wonder what she's doing now. Unless they took off her the pen and earings to which she's become still again.

    But if she's still active, where have they hid her from prying eyes lol :D
  • Happy that murray and stan is in.... now all that is left is the 3-headed monkey...
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