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S&MS2E1.exe has stopped working

posted by benderuu on - Viewed by 155 users
UPDATE - have also bought W&G series, and same thing - can't get episode 101 to work.
The other 3 episodes work just fine.

Also bought S&M season 1 - all episodes work fine.

Does anyone know if TELLTALE tech support looks at these forums or are they just for customers like you and me?


Bought whole season 2 S&M - episodes 2 thru 5 working fine. (Also TOMI episodes work well). Can't get S&MS2E1 to launch. After installing, just get "S&MS2E1.exe has stopped working" message box.

- Brand new computer - Vista 32bit, Duo Core with ATI Radeon graphics card.
- Have uninstalled and re-downloaded Episode 1 at least three times - no improvement. (Download took about 10 minutes - on par with working episodes)
- Direct X up to date
- Colour depth 32 bit.
- Have launched all games through Telltale id/passwords.

Have looked through support posts but didn't see anything that could work for me.

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