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Password Recovery E-Mail problem

posted by underwing on - last edited - Viewed by 400 users
So I just had to reset my password, and had a spot of trouble that stumped me for a couple minutes. In the recovery e-mail, the link to the password-changing page included the word "Then" from the sentence following it -- so it looked like " just follow the instructions!" When it was converted into a hyperlink (not sure if that was GMail or on your side) it linked the entire thing (all the way through "Then"). When my browser opened this link, it was redirected to a normal log-in prompt (Please input username/password... a little tricky when your intent is to recover said password.) The end result was requesting a reset again, which didn't change a thing. It was then that I noticed the problem, removed the extraneous "Then" from the URL, and was able to successfully change my password.

I don't think I'll ever be having this problem again, but other users looking to recover their credentials may find it puzzling, so you guys may want to look into it. Otherwise, keep up the great work!
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  • Are you receiving email in plain text or HTML? That sounds like a weird formatting issue but the templates look fine so it's probably some kind of issue with the link being so long, which is annoying.
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