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Bone Episode 1

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When will it come back to be downloaded!!!!!!
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  • The Coming Soon sign taunts me, I swear it.
  • Yeah, I guess I was wrong.

    I was assuming it's like Apple, where, right before a big product announcement/unveiling, their Apple Store goes down for a short time.:rolleyes:
  • In hindsight, I can see why Telltale wouldn't release right before Thanksgiving.

    As the Culture Shock release showed, technical problems can arise unexpectedly, and with everybody at Telltale off for Thanksgiving, there would be nobody to deal with any possible issues, should they arise.

    I can just imagine non-Americans complaining that the lack of technical support over this long American vacation weekend being inexcusable.
  • hey! i'm non-american . . . i don't complain! i haven't really had technical issues myself though, but from what i can gather, telltale are pretty prompt at answering queries. and if they're not prompt, for whatever reason, the response is still personal . . . how many other forums are there where the company representatives joke around with the users? or give you links to their geocities site from ten years ago? :p [that's a dig at emily!]

    in fact, it's almost as if they have too much time on their hands . . . just like i pretend to when i'm at work.

    but any support is better than no support.
  • We were going to try to put them up on Wednesday, but something happened at the last minute to prevent it, and of course Thursday and Friday are holidays. Anyway, you should be seeing these games pretty soon now. :)
  • ....... on Monday?........
  • okay;14583 said:
    ....... on Monday?........
    Nope. Here's hopin for Tuesday.
  • Im keeping my fingers and toes crossed, if not lets start a bring back bone campaign :p
  • Anyone else get really excited but then find out that the 'coming soon' sign just takes too long to load? xD
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