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Chapter 4 Completed Thread - Spoiler Alert

posted by ElWaster on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
erm... simply put, wow!

What an awesome ending...:eek:

TellTale - I just want to say - THANK YOU! This has been the most enjoyable episode so far. I can't wait for the final one.
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  • What do I need to feed the sponge first and how?
  • yeah it was awesome. did any1 notice that evil le chuck was voiced my earl boen again?
  • I have one burning question though...what happened to the body?
  • So, I think the prediction of seeing the Ghost Pirate Threepwood is coming true...

    So who did kill Morgan? Was it LeChuck? Will she pop up as a ghost?

    Glad to see he still was evil.
  • Okay, just finished it.
    I miss old Lechuck. =\

    EDIT: Anyone else notice Majus generally got the ending right?
  • Yeah the ending really was insane! How are we going to wait an entire month now to see what happens?

    This episode was so much more kill-happy amd shocking than I was expecting..Morgan, De Singe and Guybrush all in one game? Wow..

    Here's hoping that Morgan isn't really dead and she's going to be back somehow Although bringing back both her and Guybrush might be kinda pushing it.
  • Snape kills guybrush!
  • Guybrush > Lando
    R.I.P Mighty Pirate™
  • A few quick thoughts...

    [SPOILER]-Amusing to see how many people's predictions came true, or at least appeared to be true.
    -This Gavin Hammon fellow was the PERFECT Stan.
    -Earl Boen's back! Woohoo!
    -If we still get complaints about the series lacking "darkness", then it'll just be proof that people can never be satisfied.[/SPOILER]
  • OK now that ending was a cliffhanger at it's finest. So many questions. A main villain out of the game, another main villain right back in.

    I loved the fighting animations of Morgan and Elaine in Club 41. Overall the puzzles were much more challenging this time around. I rarely stopped to think in the previous episodes but this one made my head spin at some points. The SHOCK course carpet puzzle for the sponge was hilarious.
    Fabula vir;216911 said:
    EDIT: Anyone else notice Majus generally got the ending right?
    If you look at the "Wonder what happens" vids closely you can tell that he apparently gets some inside info. The environments from Narwhal were spot on what the game was like. The whole Murray thing in the Leviathan vid and several other details (like how did he know that Stan was in Ep 4). I think he gets to play an unfinished version of each episode and churns out these vids. He is in the credits after all and so this isn't merely a "fan based I-did-this-because-I-just-guessed" thing.
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