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SPOILERS: The glass "item" puzzle

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So it didn't take long for me to come to the conclusion that I needed to [SPOILER]use the molten glass with something to somehow make a glass eye for the guy in jail. But after completing the "leg" part of the trial, suddenly I lost almost all of my inventory, including the molten glass. Panicked, I looked on the forum and realized that you just ask the glass blower guy for a glass eye. Was there more than one way to solve this puzzle, or were they just trying to throw us for a loop? It just freaked me out when I suddenly lost ALL of my mugs (including the drink, molten lava, wax, oil, and grease). I realize I no longer needed the acid and the other thing I put on the leg (I forget... one of the others I just mentioned), but was surprised to see all the rest go away. Or were all those things available only to make me guess which combo to use on the leg lamp and therefore no longer needed after solving the leg puzzle?[/SPOILER]

Without giving anything away (please), is it normal to lose all that stuff, or do I need it later on? If that's the case, then I need to go back to a saved game and try to avoid whatever happened. We stopped last night just when [SPOILER]the Voodoo Lady was thrown in jail[/SPOILER] so I haven't gotten past that point yet.
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