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Happy Halloween MI peoples (spoilers)

posted by Irishmile on - last edited - Viewed by 102 users
What a great episode to come out over the Halloween weekend

First off what is everyone dressed as? ATM I am sitting here in full Indiana Jones gear my wife is hovering around me as a FBI agent (a sexy one I might add) ... but anyway onto my comments about MI

Finally a moody dark atmosphere that MI is famous for... it was great the sounds the lighting and its was great playing it on Halloween... the timing couldn't have been more perfect for this episode.

we had darkness
we had woods with a Monster to hunt down
we had Earl back as the Evil LeChuck we all love to hate
we had plenty of death and destruction
we had Severed limbs to carry around and feed to a monster
we got to see an Evil Elaine

am I missing anything? WOW!....

I hope the darkness continues in the next chapter.
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