TMI Chapter 4 - Cup Bug

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I did not see this posted anywhere else on the Game Support forum, so if it pleases the court, I thought that I would add a support ticket myself. There was a brief discussion about this bug in the Trial Help thread under Tales of Monkey Island Hints:

I am not 100% certain, but I think that it happened when I used Molten Glass to acquire the Leg Lamp, and then refilled Molten Glass in a second cup. For whatever reason, the first cup disappeared, leaving me with only five cups. I restarted the game earlier today, and avoided the foolish decision above.

I held onto my old save game, if that may be of any use:

...and now onto the Two Girls, No Cups section of the game.


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    ..... somehow I knew that joke was going to come up as soon as I saw the thread title. We shall look into it though, thanks Mike.
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    Phew, I thought I lost my Telltale skills. Definitely a bug in the game, I only have five cups too, same contents as above user.
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