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Episode 4 "Did You Try?" List

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Well, while on Flotsam, did you try:

- Looking at and reading the courthouse flag
- Using the glass eye with every character including the cat and seagull
- Using Jacques with the "draw the beard on Guybrush" toy three times
- Use Jacques with Morgan while she is at the bar
- Click on Miss Prettywhiskers twice while Hemlock McGee is the witness
- Offer the correct glass eye to D'Oro IN court
- When pleading not guilty to the creation of the pox, select every dialogue option except before "The pox isn't my fault!"
- Talk to W.P. while Morgan and Elaine are fighting on the bar
- Use both drink recipes with W.P. during the sword fight
- Order the Phatt Island Phizz twice during the bar fight
- Pull the string on the Guybrush doll twice
- Use La Esponja Grande with the nor treblig rug
- Talk to Stan about the pins twice
- Look at the large picture being projected onto the wall in DeSinge's lab twice
- Tell W.P. that Morgan was murdered
- After wetting one leg in the well, try to wet another
- Look at the chest in the jungle after opening it and taking the tarot cards

I'm sure there's many more within the game. Most of them are probably better than mine so post 'em here for us all to try!
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