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Chapter 4: Favorite One-liners and Jokes (spoilers)

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With all the talk about the more serious moments, perhaps a nod toward our favorite jokes is in order.

I have three that I found particularly funny:

1. "I thought there would be three!" - Random pirate reacting to the number of charges. Great self-parody. (Telltale tends to do things in threes. Three acts, three puzzles per act, etc. Rarely do they deviate.)

2. The lion's paw in the plant's thorns. This game must take place in Soviet Russia. :p

3. Guybrush putting himself on the stand. "Threeeeeep..." "Seeeeep..." I was in hysterics.

Honorable mention to the harmonized insult with LeChuck devolving into giggles. At that moment, I was really hoping that LeChuck was on the up-and-up.
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