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Do you guys feel Guybrush has changed?

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While playing Chapter 4, it brought back something i suddenly though seeing him pose with his face held high, one hand grabbing his coat, and his facial expression of pride and smart. Throughout the series i felt Guybrush has lost the goofy part of his character that made him so much funny to play. If you guys remember MI1 and MI2 one of the things Guybrush is made fun off, its about his goofyness and awkwardness.

Like jumping off a cannon with a casserole, telling a long story to Elaine while he is barely hanging and about to fall while holding in the other hand a heavy chest. Struggling to steal from Melee's Island storekeeper, dressing in pink, and the lack of respect he barely had from his crew members. For me Guybrush now looks more like a smart grown up college boy, that finds his way to outsmart people. I also liked the fact that people laughed at him because of something (like his beard).

Ever since CMI and EFMI Guybrush no longer is made fun off... So is it me or Guybrush has changed in personality waaayyyy to much into a smart college frat boy? He lost the aura of a pirate wannabe.

Pd: I have loved all the games alot and enjoyed alot TTG's chapters. I also believe they should be handed MI5 or 6. But still i feel something in Guybrush has been missing.
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  • I think he's matured. Nobody stays the same forever, they grow. Guybrush, and his humor, have now grown. I embrace it. (Plus, he still gets made fun of: Scruffy, Skinny, doely dipper...
  • Guybrush isn't made fun of? The guy was just put on a trial with dozens of pirates insulting him and making fun of him. I'm not saying that harshly, just saying that it appears he's still made fun of. I do agree that he's not made as much fun of as Escape from Monkey Island, but that was one of the main cripes for me in the game. He was made of way too much in that game, might as well as called it Monkey Island: Bash on Guybrush.

    Guybrush is a character the players love and they don't like to see him go through too much abuse because he's so likable. So I believe he is still made fun of, but finally has an edge to him and can be a bit of a badass sometimes. I think they found the perfect balance here in tales.
  • that allways annoyed me about EMI cos I was allways thinking Guybrush is better then everyone who made fun of him
  • I dunno, I kind of do and don't agree with you.

    Yes, what made Guybrush such a loveable goof was the fact that he was, well, a goof. But what caused it was his optimistic attitude and naive like mind, such as willingly hop into a cannon for some quick cash and heading straight for Lechuck while ignoring all the tales told about Lechuck, and this is something that he very much still has (example being searching for Elaine even though find Esponja Grande should have been first priority).

    However, Guybrush has grown up and has a good couple of years of experience of piracy compared to his MI1 counterpart. MI1 introduced to us a would-be wannabe pirate that is still learning the ropes of things, where as TMI has given us an experienced and matured (erm...more or less) pirate that knows his way around as a pirate but still has that optimistic outlook on things even though other pirates and mer-folks laugh at him from time to time (scruffy, pudgy, wimpy etc...). Guybrush is still Guybrush, only he's wittier and (to an extent) smarter then when he was younger.
  • You have a point. For instance, I don't think anyone in TMI has gotten the name "Threepwood" wrong. In the classic MI games, he gets called Peepgood or Weephood or whatever, but now people show him enough respect to get his name right. Worse yet is Morgan who is like his biggest fan, which is kind of a continuation of EMI where they randomly decided to make him famous with a restaurant chain named after him -- perhaps one of the worst ideas in that game. At least they've played down the "Guybrush is famous" thing a little bit.

    I think his character is still basically the same goofy guy, though. The pose you are talking about with the hand on the coat and the pride in the face reveals how he sees himself -- as "a mighty pirate." He's always thought of himself as a mighty pirate, even if in reality he's a goof.

    Another thing to consider is that unless the series exists in a time vacuum, he's older now than he was in MI1 and MI2. Back then I'd say he was 19, 20... now he'd be closer to 30 maybe. So people would take him a little more seriously now.
  • I think it all boils down to the fact that Monkey Island needed a major change. Many were afraid of change for this series, but it has proven that the series defiantly needed it. You can only keep doing the same over and over again before the characters start feeling old and over used. So they made LeChuck into a human and act nice, Guybrush being able to handle himself very well in a sword fight, the death and murders or major characters, genuine emotion and romance, Murray getting a body for a while, and more backstory for certain characters.

    The whole Monkey Island formula was turned upside down, but it's working beautifully and making the story and character development so much more complex and interesting. Had they just kept doing the same cliches and jokes, the characters would become very dull and boring, but Tales has explored new aspects to their personality and their relationships. It has been many years in their timeline after all as it has been for our timeline, things and people are bound to change and advance with more experience.
  • Actually, in the courtroom, Guybrush DID mispronounce his own name was talking to himself, as a gag.
  • I laughed pretty hard when he did that
  • Nipperkin mispronounced his name a few times in his introductory cutscene, but yeah, they seem to have let that joke go.
  • Also don't forget for this series, the major two characters we saw were Winslow and Morgan, who both for different reasons had a certain amount of admiration for Guybrush. By being defeated and a fangirl, in that order.

    The other characters did tease Guybrush. It's just that he spent time with a different crowd.
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