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HALLOWEEN CONTEST - A Point and Click Adventure (now with Behind-the-Scenes)

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Okay people!
Here we are and this is our Halloween Contest Entry!
A point and click adventure!!

We, the funny people who did fun stuff like »I’m more piratey than you« and the »I wonder what happens«-series, made a point-and-click-adventure.
It’s our official Contest-Entry, made with the VISIONAIRE-Engine.

Unfortunately, due the short production-time of only two weeks, the current version is still BETA. It has some Bugs here and there, and beautiful stuff like voice-recordings are not in it (yet). And it’s only for windows (yet).


Download the game here! (about 83 MB)
Extract the files!
Start the EXE!
Have fun!

How to play:
- Leftclick: Walk to.
- Double-Leftclick: Take/Use stuff.
- Rightclick: Look at.
- Grab your inventory-items and use them with other objects with leftclick.
- Skip dialogue with a simple left- or right-click.

If you have bugreports and feedback please write them down here or send us an [EMAIL=""]E-Mail[/EMAIL].

SO! What are waiting for?
Have fun with us, trying to make the BEST costume of time and space!

Suro & Andrei & Mihai & Martin & Majus
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