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TOMI won't launch with steam

posted by Manbagcar on - last edited - Viewed by 200 users
So, I bought the Tales of Monkey Island through steam.

After downloading the fourth installment, it seems that neither it, nor any other of the Tales of Monkey Island games work. Here's the error code for when I try to boot it up#4:

AppName: monkeyisland104.exe AppVer: 2009.10.29.36413 ModName: monkeyisland104.exe
ModVer: 2009.10.29.36413 Offset: 00179e98

I've got no idea what it means, other than "no Monkey Island for you."

Because it's technically a thrid-party game, I don't know if steam will do anything about it, so I'm posting here.
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  • Do your previous episodes still work?
  • Will;220666 said:
    Do your previous episodes still work?
    No, it's the same error.
  • Ok, in that case... try updating your DirectX and graphics drivers to start. Then, check to make sure your display is set to 32bit color depth. Finally, try disabling any virus scanners or firewalls and give it a quick shot. If none of those work, we get to try the more esoteric solutions.
  • Ah, it works, one thousand thanks.

    My colour depth changed itself to 16bit, it seems.

    Anyway, thanks again, and sorry for clogging up your forums with what (after viewing the other topics) is more of the same.
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