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Good adventure games

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Playing TOMI has gotten me back in the spirit of adventure games, something I used to love years ago. And I don't mean to be openly talking about games sold by companies other than TTG (if it makes you feel better, I just purchased both seasons of S&M), but I am too lazy to join another forum just to ask this question. Besides, the community here obviously has good taste in adventure games!

I've tried a couple here and there in recent years, but they always end up sucking. Terrible voice acting, dumb plot, senseless puzzles, no real conversation trees, etc.

I recently tried a demo for "Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer" and I didn't like it. The voice acting was just okay, but the puzzles were lame, items scattered about in stupid ways, etc. Glad I tried the demo first, that's for sure.

The only somewhat recent adventure games I have played were "Scratches" (okay but mostly lame) and "After Life" which was an impulse buy and I dreaded every minute of playing it (terrible voice acting and dumb minigames).

Some games that sound interesting include "The Lost Crown" (looks okay, but unsure), "Darkness Within", "Culpa Innata", etc. But I am afraid they will have bad voice acting, stupid puzzles, silly minigames (timed, arcade-like etc) that distract from the game, stupid plots, limited conversation choices, etc.

I just want a nicely made, nicely acted "serious" (scary/mystery) adventure game. Nice controls is a definite plus too.

To give you an idea on what I used to like (although I don't know if I still would or not), I used to play the Tex Murphy games, Phantasmagoria, Myst, etc.

What have you all been playing? Anything stand out as a nicely made adventure game? How is Telltale's own CSI game?

I appreciate any thoughts or advice!

I should also add that I don't care too much for games that involve pages and pages of reading. (Yeah, I know Myst was like that, but.....)
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  • Have you played The Longest Journey? You can get it on Steam for $10 these days. It was one of the last great Adventure games before the genre went into hibernation. A lot of Adventure gamers missed it back in the day (yours truly included) because of the decline of the genre but the game is a true classic, though it is a bit too heavy on the talking...

    Also, there is a free episode of Wallace & Gromit out today. If you don't already have the Wallace & Gromit season you should pick it up, you really have nothing to lose :)
  • Yeah, I just picked up the W&G freebie. :) Can't decide whether to dive into S&M first or try W&G.

    I'll look into The Longest Journey. I'd really like as much input from people as possible. I miss the old classic adventures. I actually recently installed a Tex Murphy game (Under a Killing Moon) into my Virtual PC running Win98 and I hate to admit that I wasn't getting into it. Funny how you remember those old games looking so much better. They are pretty ugly by today's standards. (Even MI2 is pretty hard to look at, but the story makes up for it).

    I also played Grim Fandango for the first time about 5 or 6 months ago. Sad, I know. It was okay, but not quite up to MI standards in my opinion.
  • If you haven't already tried them, check out broken sword 1 and 2 they're both awesome! Also Machinarium is another amazing title that was released recently, there's a demo of this that you can download on the steam site, i highly recommend it!

    If you wanna go a bit more old school you can download a free copy of beneath a steel sky via the scummvm website, another one of my faves from back in the day :)
  • Well, I played around with the free W&G episode last night and now I just bought the rest of them. Darn you Telltale Games and your quality wares! Arrggghhhh!

    So anyway..... I've got a lot of gaming to do now but I'd still like to get some more input on other quality adventure games. Funny is good, but I also like a good mystery or something that'll give me the willies if I play it late at night with the lights off. :)

    Maybe I will try the demo for CSI here, but I am curious if Telltale did all of those games as there are more than one out, but only one on this site.

    I ask because there is a multi-pack of 4 CSI games on Amazon for even less $ (no offense TTG, and you can delete this paragraph of the post if you want to).
  • According to Wikipedia's list of Telltale games, they've made three of the five CSI (Las Vegas) games. They are, in order: 3 Dimensions of Murder, Hard Evidence and Deadly Intent. Your four-pack probably doesn't include the last one, as it's only recently been released.

    As for other adventure games, I recommend the entire Monkey Island series, both Longest Journey games and the Ben and Dan series. I cannot recommend the latter enough - they're absolutely hilarious and dirt cheap. Grab 'em on Steam.
  • i recommend all the old ones that require serious tweaking or win 98se lol
  • Get Machinarium if you haven't yet. It's awesome.

    You mentioned Phantasmagoria- have you tried the Gabriel Knight series? They'd be worth looking into if you want a horror game.
  • Gabriel Knight isn't a horror series. It's more supernatural thriller/mystery.
  • Eh, I'd say it was a mix of all three. Maybe I should have said "scary game" instead.
  • I'll look into some of these older games. Playing them isn't a problem because I have Win98SE running in Virtual PC from MS (it's actually free!) as well as a couple of DOS emulators. I'll sacrifice graphic quality for a good story and puzzles but I would also be interested in some modern adventure games as well.

    The problem I have noticed with many of them is that most are made overseas and when the characters speak in English, it often sounds so unnatural.... not to mention lacking proper emotion and voice inflection.

    I know the genre isn't dead, but unfortunately all the big players in the good old days are no longer playing. :) Luckily we have Telltale, but I also like the more "serious" and suspenseful games, either with 3D models of people or real actors in the game.
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