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Why do you love the "darkness" so much?

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I get that pirates need to have a certain brutality about them, so I wouldn't be surprised if an MI game had keelhauling, but why is everyone so obsessed with the atmosphere being so dark? Is it because SMI and MI2 started out at night?

There's nothing wrong with sunshine and a bright atmosphere, or dark for that matter. You can do either and still retain that piratey feel.

Then you get something like "Chapter four made it good and dark.*" That's a quote, one of many. Why this obsession with dark? You end-up looking a lot like this:

(*I'm aware the thread refers to EMI, but it's the part in italics that matters.)

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  • I've never read The Darkness, nor have I played the video game inspired by it, so I can't really tell.
  • There seems to be some sort of misunderstanding that dark=emo vampire raven dementia way. Dark has to do with the mood of the story. When you want to tell a certain story to its optimal potential, then certain moods must be evoked. (Though honestly, I think that grim or solemn would be a better word to put the events of chapter 4.)

    I started playing Tales with no ideas or exceptions as to what it was going to be about, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was playing with certain moods and emotions that weren't tried in the series before.

    Some may say that what happened was corny, cheesy, or what ever food related adjective you may want to use, but I found it believable within the realms of the series. (I mean, what's not cheesy about the game's storyline?)

    But I digress.

    I think that rather than a longing for "dark", we're looking for something new and exciting. Sunshine and happiness has been done, and done well mind you, but if you never at least TRY to explore outside that realm then you'll end up with the Land Before Time series/saga/couldn't care less.

    I'm not exactly the best with explaining my thoughts, but I hope you at least get some of the things I said. >_>
  • Darkness disguises the lack of intricate artwork etc. and so shuts people like me up. That's why it's good! :)
  • You have crossed "Dark plot line" with "Dark personality". The Dark Knight was dark, though batman isn't emo or goth.

    It means the story has become deep, gritty and potentially frightening. Chapter 4 wasn't dark. it was just darker than most Monkey Islands which are usually the polar opposite of dark.
  • There seems to be some sort of misunderstanding that dark=emo vampire raven dementia way. Dark has to do with the mood of the story
    Exactly. It's another thing, completely...

    This is going to be a really simplified explanation, but I'll try. A "darker" story, that, repeating, is'nt an emo or goth story :D, but a story written with the intent to give "darker" emotions, has better chances to hit the player's mind, and to remain unforgettable...obviously this is a point of view, but generally darker stories, when are well written, are the one with better success...

    But now we're talking about psychology, and no more about TOMI :D
  • And that's not to say that all good stories must have so called dark elements to them, but in this case I enjoyed it quite well. I was caught off guard in a way that made me think about the story of the series, as silly as that may sound. I wouldn't exactly say that Monkey Island is profound, but I would say that it does keep me very engaged, and I'm a happier person for it.
  • Sure, I agree with you ;) !
  • It´s not the dark i like´s the light i like. But light shines much more brighter in the dark than without it.:)
  • I love the "DARK" Side of things. Knowing your bad side helps you fully understand the good. You can't have Light without Dark, Good without Evil, Matter without Anti-Matter. Some people just prefer it Dark, you should see my house. it's generally fairly dark inside, but still looks good when you open up the blinds and let some light in.

    That being Said I am not EMO, or GOTH in anyway.
  • SMI and LCR really drew you into the game with tension, the dark humour and atmosphere. As a kid, Monkey Island scared the crap out of me; some parts of the games still do.
    They were scary but were also funny as hell.

    One of the things I didn't like about EMI was that it sometimes was just like bubblegum. All bright colours and non of the dark humour of the first games.

    Tales is doing pretty well on getting 'The Darkness' as you put it.
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