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A little Error in My Games Area

posted by GinnyN on - Viewed by 154 users
I feel somewhat stupid writing this, but, for some reason I have to tell.

One of my orders has a link to track my package, which is weird, because it has no tracking number. In fact, the link said it has no tracking number. I'm telling this because, when a order has no tracking number it said so, instead to link a tracking page which will not work.

In resume, it say this:
Your order shipped on October 27, 2009! Track your package!
Instead of this:
Your order shipped on October 27, 2009, but no tracking number is available.
Anyway, if you ask, I have another order with also no tracking number, but displays the correct message (The second one). Well... the message I think is the correct one.

I guess is a problem generating the message. I report it, just in case if will become a major bug or something.
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