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Not Eligible for free W&G disc

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Hey, I bought Wallace & Gromit Episode 1 with a free code I received on Talk Like A Pirate Day, and then bought the other three episodes individually in two separate orders some time later. As far as I understand I'm still supposed to be eligible to receive the collector's disc for the cost of shipping, but when I click on the preorder link it wants to charge me 19.95 for the season upgrade.

Also will I be able to have it sent together with the TOMI disc when it is released and save money on combined shipping of the two discs together?
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  • As far as I know, since the posibility to buy the disc is a new thing on the store, there are still some problems that Telltale people are still solving.
    Wait a little and they will solve your problem for sure.
    I think that if you order the W&G disc now, it will be shipped as soon as posible, without waiting an eventual combined shipping with other order (That is: all orders ship separately)
    If you want the two discs (W&G & ToMI) to be shipped together, you have to wait and order the two discs together.
    Anyway, send an email to Telltale Support Staff and they will help you much better than me.
  • Try again now, one of your orders had a property set that shouldn't have been (how it got set I don't know), but that was what was preventing you from getting the disc without the upgrade. Let me know if it doesn't work (or contact [email][/email] with a link to this thread)
  • I'm having the same problem with mine. Can I just request a fix here, or should I email support about it?
  • Thanks for resolving this so promptly - I have another question: The free disc eligibility is not time limited, right? Shipping to my country is not very cheap and I'd rather have it shipped together with the TOMI disc when it releases next year... Is it possible for me to do that?
  • As long as you've bought the entire season, you're entitled to one free disc at any time. So yes, you can wait until the TOMI disc is out and W&G will still only cost you postage. I'm thinking of doing the same, as I'm not /desperate/ to get my W&G disc... since I got the SBCG4AP disc I've not actually played the games again, just the bonus content.
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