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The game keeps crashing

posted by Sira Raven on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
For some reason, the game keeps crashing my computer. It usually happens when I press Esc. or the gear at the top to see the menu, although it's also happened when leaving Bosco's shop and, just now, when leaving the office after grabbing the antenna (I had gotten onto the street, and it blue screened as it was trying to autosave). I'm not sure what the cause of this is, and it seems rather irregular.
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  • do you have onboard sound?
  • Please take a look at this thread - is it the same issue?
  • this seems to be the closest to my problem, everything plays fine for about 10 mins then whenever i press ecscape or go in/out a building or sometimes when i press the menu bar while someones talking its just instantly restarts my computer.
    i have 1g ram 3.2ghz and 128mb card
  • Emily;12771 said:
    Please take a look at this thread - is it the same issue?
    Unless I'm mistaken, no. This sound a lot more like the problem I'm having with both episodes.

    Sira Raven: Do voices cut out before this happens?

    Digging up some really old posts, it seems like its more like this thread I started in October.

    I can happily detail all that happens to me when this happens.

    First, the voices stop playing. Once this happens, then any number of things can trigger crashes. Sometimes its opening the menu, sometimes it's changing locations. In any case, in Episode 1, since this process takes a while, the rest of the sound seems to also cut out, first the sound effects, then the music. Unfortunately, I am not sure if this also happens in Episode 2, as it happens much more frequently and quickly.

    When it crashes in episode 1, it brings up an error message as detailed in the two threads linked above. It may do the same in episode 2, but it seems that if that happens, the message appears underneath the main window, and is invisible.

    Then the game exits. Then GameTap crashes (since I run through GameTap). Then, and most annoyingly, my graphics drivers seem to fail temporarily or something, as I become inable to change resolutions until I reboot my computer. Also, once this has happened, the entire Operating System runs quite sluggishly.

    This, unless I am mistaken, is what Sira Raven is getting, more or less.
  • By the way, I just discovered something. It seems that although the problem you mentioned has different symptoms, it's caused by the same thing. Old drivers. I've updated my drivers recently, and the game, which once crashed every 5-10 minutes, works beautifully.

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