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Portuguese subtitles

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Hello guys,

First of all, congratulations for the excelent job that TellTale have been doing so far. All the games are AWESOME, wich includes the animation, sound, subtitles and everything else. Thanks for giving us these great experience with adventure games again.

I´m wondering if TellTale have ever considered to make Portuguese subtitles on the next games that will be released. I´m sure that many people in Brazil and Portugal (and other countries) have the same interest as I do.

Unfortunately, we can´t understand everything while playing the games. It is very difficult to translate the slangs and the vocabulary (that makes the games so funny and interesting).

Please guys, I can guarantee you won´t regret it if you do it. We have played all LucasArt´s games since 1990 without any kind of translation, and even so there are many fans of adventure games such as I am.

Contratulations again.

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