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It's not Tales of Monkey Island if theres no Monkey Island

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Well like my post said every game always has something revolving inside the mysterious Monkey Island in which there lies the Secret that everyone speculates. We all know that the lairs of the Zombie pirate Lechuck has always been Monkey Island... So could it be that Lechuck takes Guybrush to Monkey Island???

I dont know, but im hoping for the classic monkey island to be there, and that they put the soundtrack music of SOMI. It would be cool.

So whats your take, Will there be a monkey island or not?
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  • It felt forced in EMI, it was a slow point for SMI. No thanks.
  • Not to mention how they retconned it into appearing in MI2 and made it not seem like Monkey Island in Curse.
  • I think having to go there every game is like trying to jog with an SUV chained to your ankle... or trying to explain to a southerner that Nascar isn't a sport and Dale Earnhardt isn't a national hero.....

    I think they should go where the story takes them and not worry about having to work in one location into the story....

    I know it would then render the name of the games pointless but I think we can all get over it if the trade off is a better story.
  • Of course, with the possibility that Guybrush will return to the world of the living by way of the gates of Big Whoop comes the possibility that Monkey Island will appear, even if only in a cutscene.
  • I kind of see the whole "Monkey Island" bit as a reference from where it all began, not exactly the island itself but instead what the island meant for the people who are integral to the story.
  • At the start of the series it was undecided, that's for sure. I don't have the exact quote, but a couple of interviews said something along the lines of:

    'there's one island that we might have a place in the series to revisit... maybe.'

    I can only guess that's Monkey Island, but it doesn't look like it's integral to the over-arching plotline.

    My take is that I wouldn't mind seeing it - it would seem appropriate to introduce the island in this game since this might be the first monkey island game for many people, but then again, if it's missed out, I really don't mind either.
  • Maybe the name "Tales of Guybrush Threepwood" would've been better?

    On the other hand, that might confuse fans of the series if it's actually part of it, or more something at the side of it...?
  • It's not like the appearance of Monkey Island is THAT important for a game to be called Monkey Island... I mean, there are games that do not share characters, timeline, and even story with the originals (having only the same world, and yet not always) and yet still are considered and named sequels, and Monkey Island games share the world, characters, story (inconsistent as it is... soon enough inconsisten story will become a feature of Monkey Island, heh) and everything that. Monkey Island in the title must stay, whether there will be this island or not.
  • PariahKing;223728 said:
    I kind of see the whole "Monkey Island" bit as a reference from where it all began, not exactly the island itself but instead what the island meant for the people who are integral to the story.
    Technically, it all began on Mêlée Island. ;) But I know what you mean. "Monkey Island" still is the name of the franchise, after all, and I wouldn't want to change it.

    Well, I don't know if I'd be surprised or disappointed not to be visiting Monkey Island in the last chapter. The idea of it having something to do with Guybrush's return to the world of the living does sound interesting. I would like to got to Monkey Island in the fifth chapter, but I guess I'll just wait and see what happens...
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