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TOMI Ch.4 Activation Problems

posted by jamesy84uk on - last edited - Viewed by 114 users
Hi all

Long time Monkey Island and Telltale fan, first time poster!

Basically, I paid for Tales of Monkey Island (the whole season) months ago, and have loved playing each chapter so far.

However, I recently went to play Chapter 4, and am receiving an error message ("CONNECTION_ERROR") whenever I try to unlock the game.

I have tried with the Telltale login, and the serial code as well.

I have also sent a request for the manual unlock (which I only just sent and I realise it takes a while to get a response, understandably).

What I'm really writing this for is to ask what kind of things could cause this to happen? The other 3 chapters have worked first time, and this is really the first problem I've had at all (short of earlier episodes no longer working for some strange reason).

So, any advice would be greatly appreciated, no rush (I'm keen to play it but I've waited THIS long to play, another while won't hurt lol) I was just more curious than anything :)


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  • Could be a number of things. What's your ticket number and we'll troubleshoot it together on [email][/email].

    Does else does the error say; dll, nsis, etc? I'll be asking you what type of system you're on when we troubleshoot through support. Be ready. ;)
  • Hey Bonnie, I just got the manual unlock code via e-mail so going to try that out now, I'll get back to youif there's any further problems.

    For the record, I hadn't noticed anything else in the way of error messages etc short of "Sorry, we've had a problem" etc and then "CONNECTION_ERROR".

    Anyway, trying to get this manually unlocked now :)

    EDIT: Yeah, the manual unlock seems to have worked, thanks so muich for the speedy repy and email Bonnie :)
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