Tales of Monkey Island Season 2 Speculation and Suggestion Thread



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    I think if Double Fine continued it, even if they didn't want to continue directly where Tales ended, they'd still acknowledge it through dialogue and visual jokes etc.

    Jennifer posted: »

    If Double Fine did continue the Monkey Island series, I'd be perfectly fine with that (since Tim is one of the three who created t

  • True. They don't seem to have much interest to do classic point and click games (they cancelled King's Quest, because it didn't fit to their current model of game design). And it's really hard to imagine that Monkey Island fans would enjoy similar experience as TWD or TWAU. (I'm not saying that such game couldn't be good, but I just can't imagine Monkey Island game with sole focus on lengthy cinematic dialogue scenes and quick time action scenes.)

    With the success of Broken Age Act 1 Double Fine seems more interested about making point and click adventures, but they seem to be really busy with Broken Age Act 2 and Grim Fandango Remastered.

    At the moment neither of them have rights to make more Monkey Island, but I certainly hope that one of them will get the rights. Double Fine seems like more likely candidate.

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    I really, REALLY want this to happen, but....Telltale are on a very different path nowadays. I just don't see them going back to t

  • Would be great

  • As long as the IP's get put to good use, i dont care who has them, Telltale or Doublefine. Im just tired of good old school game ip's rotting in some storage area in a big company that never intents to use them, other than to milk them for some dumbed down mobile pay 2 win game, like recently with dungeon keeper.

    I do hope Telltale starts to do some proper point n click soon. they are falling down the same rott that has happened to Ubisoft. oh we found something that is awesome, now lets make all our games like that. Basically all TTG games atm is walking dead mechanics, it is honestly getting quite boring if you ask me.

    So hopefully the future will bring something, be it sam and max, monkey island or puzzle agent.

    Look forward to Grim Fandango remastered, no keyboard movement, because doublefine realizes that its crap. no quicktime event. no 15 sec dialog timeout. Just good old point n click. Its good be awesome :)

    Grim fandango is gonna be one of those games where i sit down and i won stop playing until ive completed it, or fallen asleep on my keyboard. Its gonna be great to be back, im really kinda hoping that Sony got all the Lucas Arts ip. Lets get some Full Throttle, Maniac mansion and so forth. I would even love to see Doublefine do a full take sequel or remastering of Sam and Max hit the road, what a great game. that was really an adventure.

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