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Tales of Monkey Island Season 2 Speculation and Suggestion Thread

posted by Important-Looking Pirate on - last edited by Jennifer - Viewed by 41.6K users
When's that scheduled for then? :D
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  • I just checked. Silverwolfpet did it!! :D :D

    *spits out water he just drank*

    What?? no! I didn't! I swear! I never seen that body in my backyard before!!

    Wait, what are we talking about?
    And no, he doesn't know more than you all do.

    Or DO I??

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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Wait, what are we talking about?

    You made the thread a sticky. It's a minor offense, two years of prison should suffice. Best thing is, when you get out, chances are that ToMI 2 is indeed actually announced! :D
  • Dont worry we have SWP on a daily flogging regimen.. We may have to stop though... I think he is starting to like it...
  • Irishmile wrote: »
    Dont worry we have SWP on a daily flogging regimen.. We may have to stop though... I think he is starting to like it...

    The kinky fiend! there goes all my methods of intergation out the window.
  • Oops! *deletes all the Jurassic Park files* Clumsy me!

    Guess I didn't learn my lesson! ^.^

    uh, I mean : (
  • Tales of Monkey Island: Legends of LeChuck ;)
  • Tales of Monkey Island: Legends of LeChuck ;)

    If this were pre-MI canon, I think this could be brilliant. Having said that, they need to utilise the episodic model to make every episode a different story than a chapter. Obviously the problem with this is they can't get away with recycling resources like character textures, so could be more costly than normal.
  • Not sure if this is the right forum for this, or if its been said already, BUT, I think it would be cool if Wally the Pirate would be in the next season. (I think it the scene in curse of monkey island was hilarious when Guybrush tried to make him cry)
  • ToMI is the only game I bought from TTG. But I haven't payed for shipping my collectors DVD because I'm waiting for season 2, so I can shipped bought with same price. Of course I would buy the new season if it came.

    Hope it will came out someday.
  • Everlast wrote: »
    I think u may be slightly right! But not at the time you expect. My hunch and prediction reading the interview is that at best we should expect a new addition to the Monkey Island series in no less than a year.

    My reasons to say this is that i feel TTG has their hands full right now, they are currently developing 3 games. Which are Sam and Max Season 3, Back to the future and Jurassic Park. And we dont know what other new stuff TTG may be planning to release. So at best it may be at the earliest in December 2011 or 2012 surely.

    But this thing about Monkey Island has me so uneasy, because of the fact Lucas Arts has a new president. I hope he pushes even harder for more diversity of games for his companies and is willing to share w/ the creators the royalties for TTG. Lucas Arts is so used to mamoth income, that it makes me wonder how they view TOMI's income.

    My prediction still stands that between december 2011 to the whole year 2012 is the the time if TTG still wanna release another TOMI they will do it. If it doesn't happen blame Lucas Arts.
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