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Tales of Monkey Island Season 2 Speculation and Suggestion Thread

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When's that scheduled for then? :D
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  • I think even if Telltale had the green light from Lucasarts to start a season 2, we would not be seeing the game until at least 2012. Even with an expanded staff, Telltale has 3 new games (hopefully) coming in 2012- adding another would be too much. I am convinced, however, that Telltale truly wants to make another season and has been haggling with Lucasarts since the 5th episode came out.
  • The way i see it, after Lucasarts released Tales... they were in good conversations with Ron Gilbert for his return to the franchise, and according to him, that was going pretty well until happened what it happened.

    So, i guess that if a Monkey 6 appears on the horizon they would try to resume those negotiations with Ron instead of going back to Telltale.

    Personally i would love to see a Doublefine Monkey Island and see how that turns into.
  • Nothing is fun. All games are boring. MI is my only hope.
  • Nothing is fun. All games are boring. MI is my only hope.
  • Summer of 2010 was a good time, I played the whole MI series once I finished the special edition of Secret of MI. This will remain the greatest adventure series I've played, along with Broken Sword on iPhone of course. :)

    I really do hope they make a second season, not much different than the first either, I loved it.

    Nostalgia hit me hard. :/
  • Turn Guybrush into a father. THAT might have impact on the series.
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    bobber56 wrote: »
    Turn Guybrush into a father. THAT might have impact on the series.

    Well, they'll probably do that in Pirates of the Carribbean 5, so we can't have it in MI6. Thank God!! :D
  • After Tales was released I thought another Monkey Island game from Telltale was a sure thing but the longer we go without any Monkey Island news the more I find myself doubting that we'll ever see one.

    The sad truth is there hasn't been any real Monkey Island news since the release of LeChuck's Revenge: Special Edition and that was well over a year ago. Telltale have heaps of new games on the horizon and can easily get by without the beloved franchise. ToMI isn't even their most financially successful game any more. There is always a chance Monkey Island will come back, this isn't the first time it has survived in hibernation, but the chance of a new Telltale MI game seems less likely with each new IP they take on.

    I don't believe LucasArts is equipped to handle the franchise on its own but that's just me. Updating older games is one thing but producing new content... I just can't see them doing as fine a job as the folks over here. Still, while Telltale haven't announced a new MI game they haven't not announced one either, so anything is possible.
  • Monkey Island is simply a game that really did it. I mean ... erm.... uhm.... well ...
    I really hope that it will live on ..... well not 'live' but..... argh! You know what I mean ;)
  • mikey485 wrote: »
    This is actually a good idea. Guybrushs character really needs to develop a little more

    I don't think we need Guybrush as a father. You can see a lot of character development if you compare the SOMI - Guybrush to the TOMI - Guybrush.
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