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Tales of Monkey Island Season 2 Speculation and Suggestion Thread

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When's that scheduled for then? :D
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  • dthoupis;242321 said:
    Sorry guys but Tales is NOT MI-5 and it was confirmed in the press release prior to releasing the 1st Chapter when the series was anounced. Telltales said that this is NOT MI-5 so all please stop referring to it like that. Tales are events which happened after the hypothetical MI-5. Tales is not even MI-6. So you mean that Terminator Series, The chronicles of Sarah Connor are Terminator 5? Hmmm... Interesting. Just accept it as an addition to the franchise and accept it as not being MI-5 because when Ron Gilbert and Lucasarts makes MI-5 you will be more confused.
    Jake said:
    We called it Monkey Island 6 for a while as a joke, but saying "there was a fifth game in between" doesn't mean you should actually see that game, or that it actually exists. The whole point was to say "time has passed between Escape from Monkey Island and Tales of Monkey Island -- the characters have gone on some more adventures, grown a little, learned some things, and probably healed some continuity wounds in the process." The point wasn't "there will be another game between Escape and Tales" -- that would be silly! You'd spend the whole game assembling a cursed cutlass, chasing LeChuck down to make him stop harvesting monkeys, and then right before you could go to take out LeChuck and save Elaine, the game would end and say "To be continued in Tales of Monkey Island!" Actually, that would be pretty amazing, but it would definitely be unfulfilling, I think!
    It was a Joke, and a plot device to make the first chapters intro better. It IS the fith monkey island game, and you would have a hard time making a MI 5 (Ch1 made it quite clear that it involved going round doing what you had done in previous games, like collecting the ultimate insult)
  • ToMI is the fifth game in the Monkey Island Series, therefore it is MI5.

  • Also:
    Jake;242572 said:
    We've said a few times that we consider Tales to be the fifth Monkey Island game, in canon along with all the other craziness the last 20 years have brought. If you don't, that's definitely your prerogative. There are people who write off anything past Monkey 2, or anything past Monkey 3, etc, and you obviously can't control that.
    Now, [/thread]
  • They can prove me wrong, but I can't see Lucasarts coming back and doing a Monkey Island 5 . EFMI was the newest adventure by them and I haven't seen them plan to do another. It's a shame cause I love adventure games. At least telltale has put in the effort to bring the genre back.
    As for Ignoring Monkey Island games cause Ron Gilbert didn't do them just seems a little silly to me. If I remember correctly, he liked curse, he just didn't like how Elaine and Guybrush got married, cause he always thought of them as brother and sister. Even Escape had a few enjoyable points in it. It's still my least favorite of the series, but i'm not going to ignore stuff that happened from it just cause I didn't like the game.
  • Well I DO want to ignore the giant robot monkey.
  • techie775;243708 said:
    EFMI was the newest adventure by them and I haven't seen them plan to do another.
    So you don't remember Full Throttle: Payback, Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels, or Sam & Max: Freelance Police?? :eek: Coz I sure do. Sure, none of them made it to see the light of day, but you clearly said you haven't seen them plan to do another. :p Anyway, I'm glad TTG got Sam & Max as well as Guybrush & Friends. Now if they will pick up Ben and Bobbin we can get the whole crew back together. :cool:

    And while we're on the topic of canceled sequels (hehe), I just looked to see what the difference is between the first planned FT sequel and Duke Nukem Forever (3 years) when I realized that Duke Nukem Forever has the initials DNF. I've played a few racing games and so it strikes me that DNF (at least in racing terms) means Did Not Finish. Ironic much? :D
  • I always feel like this IS MI5 but I guess not. Though I'll always refer to it as so. And if it really is supossed to take place after MI5 and it is infact MI6, then where the hell is MI5!! Haha
  • Oops I worded it wrong. What I meant is Lucasarts hasn't made an adventure game since 2000 and I don't see them planning on making any in the future. It would have been neat if there was a FT 2 or S&M2 like they were talking about but I don't think that's going to happen. They probably don't think it will sell enough which sucks. Sierra pulled the same crap with Space Quest 7 and Leisure Suit Larry 8 and yanked them while in production. It's a shame cause there's a fan base for adventure games and you can see it if you check websites like this one, Adventure Game Studio and other sites.
  • I'm not sure the few people left at Lucasarts have the talent to make a Monkey Island game.
    The Monkey Island Special edition was a little sloppy and that was just a remake.
    If there is to be a new full retail Monkey Island game, make them hire Telltale to make it, and maybe bring on Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer while they're at it :D
  • raycichocki;243791 said:
    I always feel like this IS MI5 but I guess not. Though I'll always refer to it as so. And if it really is supossed to take place after MI5 and it is infact MI6, then where the hell is MI5!! Haha
    It is MI5.

    Look at the quotes above from Jake.
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