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X Marks the Spot (To the next telltale IP)

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Have you seen the latest tweet ?
Telltale Eavesdropping: "It's the closest I can get to going to another planet."
2:32 PM Nov 12th from web

I wonder what TTG is trying to telling us?
So I decided to collect some facts in this thread. Maybe you can help me find some more clues Telltale is giving us.

We have the following hints regarding their next project:

1. Sam and Max Season 3 -Announced, no release date - Joystiq
2. Next IP going to be dark/non-comedy -Davies (please confirm)
3. Another Planet ? - (Sam And Max or new IP)Tweet(Misleading)
4. Telltale was definitely considering LOOM Total PC-Gaming
5. Telltale and Lucasarts partnership- Gameindustry
6. CSI connects Telltale to Ubisoft (and CBS) Ubisoft CBS
7. Something about offering a Soul.Tweet (Misleading)
Interpretation of clues:
#3.1 Moon (by Gryffalio)
#3.2 Space (by Secret Fawful)

Suspected IPs:
Loom -Lead: #4 #5
The Dig -Lead: #2 #3 #5
Maniac Mansion Lost In Space (by Secret Fawful) -Lead:#3.2 #5
Space Quest (by Irishmile) -Lead: #3.2

Other Considered IPs:
Dr. Who (#6)

Missing Links:
(A) Sierra and Telltale

Doubtful IPs:
Futurama (no connection)
Star Wars (#5)

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I will update this first post with your hints. So we can collect our knowledge from other topics in this thread. And build our Map towards the X.
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