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Episode 3 Mini-Game

posted by Javi-Wan Kenobi on - last edited - Viewed by 701 users
I'm trying to get the maximun level of awesomeness on "Baddest of the Bands", but I'm unable to get the 45000 points on the Limozeen game. Is there any cheat, code, or strategy to help me (other than the tips on the Telltale website)?
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  • Nevermind, I did it. With a lot of patience, and a little trick I figured out. Maybe it will help some of you:
    Have you noticed that the score for rescuing a Babelian increases by 100 in each level (100, 200, 300, and so on)?
    And that the penalty for each Babelian being abducted by the alien is FIXED (it's always 50) and your babelian rescued counter decreases?
    So if you allow the aliens to abduct one Babelian for each one you rescue, the total amount earned is 50, 150, 250, and so on, and you can stay in each level for many time as you wish as long as you dont rescue all the babelians needed for get the next level.
    That said, you have to see what is the level in which you are more comfortable (mine was level 2, the firing UFOs were too hard for me) and follow a pattern rescuing all the babelian needed but one, then allowing the aliens to abduct a few, then rescuing more, and so on, without getting to the next level.
    It takes a big lot of time, but eventually you'll get the 45000 score required without even losing a life.
  • Errr... It's bad when my head think in Spanish and my fingers try to type in English...
    I try to re-write the whole thing, maybe this time it makes more sense.

    I was unable to get the score of 45000 required points because at higher levels, I always get killed. I tried to stay at the lower levels so, even if the score obtained for each babelian rescued is lower, its safer for me because there are less flying vees and no firing UFOs.
    I.e., in level 2: I rescue 5 babelians, then I allow the aliens to abduct 5 babelians. The counter of Babelian rescued is 0/6 again, and I can stay at the same level all the time I want, just avoiding to rescue the sixth babelian. Then I continue like this, rescuing some babelians (+200 points each) and allowing the aliens to abduct some more (-50 points each), always increasing the score and being safe enough to not lose any of the lives.
    As I said, it takes a long time, and a lot of patience is needed, but eventually you can get the 45000 score.
  • I completley got it the first time, i can't see how you can't...
  • Yeah, the game takes time to get the hang of.
  • I agree, the first time I understood it even better than the second time
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