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Better time stamps?

posted by Maratanos on - last edited - Viewed by 308 users
OK, I know this is possible, because another BBS that I visit does it, and they use vBulletin as well.

Could we, instead of things like 11 Hours ago, 2 Days ago, 4 Minutes ago, have straight date and time, like 04-05-06, 7:58 PM, unless it's really recent, like today or yesterday, in which case the word Today or Yesterday is replacing the date?

It really aggravates me how innacurate the time stamps are, because I really don't want it to say, 22 Hours ago, I want it to say (this is based on right now in EST) 11/04/06, 3:40 PM
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  • You know, I hadn't realized it until you just mentioned it, but this has been bugging me too. :D I also vote for time stamps instead of the "X hours ago" stuff (if it's possible).
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