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I'd search the forum for this but nobody else ever does, so I'm just gonna ask! ;)

A couple questions about games from Telltale:

1) Is there a limit on activating the games? Such as if I ever get a new computer, or can I install them on more than one computer that I own?

2) How would I activate a game if I wanted to install on a computer without internet access (laptop at work)? What would happen if (God forbid) TTG went out of business? How would we activate our games?

None of this has come up for me at this time, but I just got to thinking about it and started wondering.

Thanks in advance! :)

Edit: Nevermind... I forgot about the activation codes. Never had to use them since I've just been signing in with my password at the launch window. Duhhhhhhhh. :)

Edit 2: With more thought on this though... does it still need an internet connection to activate/unlock?

(Also I probably should have posted this in the activation section.....)
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