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Maniac Mansion 3D remake almost done!

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Did anybody else here know about this? I's a fan remake from a German developer, and they're scheduled to release it in German and English early next year.

Maniac Mansion 3D
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  • Frogacuda wrote: »
    This is a commendable effort, but not something I feel would enhance my Maniac Mansion experience. But I'm a purist, and I hated the new graphics in the Monkey Island Special Edition too.
    I didn't hate the graphics of MI:SE, just the incredibly awkward PC control scheme. Oh, and Guybrush's new hair. And the fact it was pretty much just built over the old game, with all the limitations that came with such a pointless decision.

    But I digress.

    I don't have a problem with games being remade, so long as the remake is valid and actually improves upon the original. I like to think Tomb Raider Anniversary is a good example of a 'good' remake. This, while commendable, doesn't seem to be particularly needed, what with Maniac Mansion Deluxe (still) being available.

    From what I've seen, it looks technically sound, but lacks soul. By that, I mean the little things that makes games really come to life - little tweaks in the animations that don't translate from 2D to 3D, music that loses its retro charm when re-scored, things like that. And there's no point in remaking a game if there's no soul to it.

    I wasn't much of a fan of Maniac Mansion in the first place (any adventure game where you can fail/die is an instant turn-off for me), and this, for all its fancy bells and whistles, doesn't make me feel any different. So yeah, I'll pass on this one.
  • Hi, there!

    i am one of the Developers of Maniac Mansion 3D, and i want to give u a link to more screenshots of our Game.
    If you read the pages of comments under the screenshots u can get even more info about us, and what we plan for it.
    Please keep in mind that the Youtube Video is out of date and even the screens are not all final state. I consider to delete the video, because many people think, that this is the final game, because they dont read the info.

    Pleas feel free to post your opinion in this Forum or directly under the Screenshots

    Regards Ernie
  • Looks very nice for a fan project! I hope it'll be in English as well. The only thing that bothered me about the video was that there were birds to a creepy mansion....kinda ruins the atmosphere to me.
  • The birds normaly are very silent in the backround and there are crickets making the typical noise, but short before the recording i deleted the crickets by accident and so they are not in the video.
    By the way, we changed the look of the bottom interface yesterday.
    It now looks much better.

    as a little "Thank you" for the last 2 great Radio shows, we postet 2 new screen ( with new Bernhard model, and new Verbs ) at their Forum.
    If u want to risk an eye, follow the link, but remember everything is still Beta.

    Regards Ernie the Runner
  • I still think a bird chirping is a misplaced sound effect in a creepy night-time atmosphere. I don't really see how it fits. Looking forward to the release either way!
  • You are not "up to Date" ! The Birds are deletet already.
  • Ah, my bad then. Good to hear :).
  • Ernie76 wrote: »
    You are not "up to Date" ! The Birds are deletet already.

    Will it be avalible in english too?
  • There will be an English version. The german one will habe Onscreen text an Voices too. The English will be only a text version at the moment. Perhaps there will be an Englisch Talkie Later, but firast we will finish the German one
  • Here some pictures with the new lights Pegamode build in.
    If the power is shuted down, the only light is coming from candles, fireplaces and moonlight falling throuh doors and windows.
    If the Player comes into a dark room from a room with lights on next to it, the light will shine through the open door or the trapdoor or whatever opening is connecting them.

    Regards Ernie the Runner

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