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Maniac Mansion 3D remake almost done!

posted by octochan on - last edited - Viewed by 7.9K users
Did anybody else here know about this? I's a fan remake from a German developer, and they're scheduled to release it in German and English early next year.

Maniac Mansion 3D
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  • AND HERE IT IS !!!!!!!!!!

    The long awaited DEMO for our Game.
    Follow the link to the GS Forum and watch under the screenshots for the Download link.
    Post your opinions here or in the GS Forum.
    In a few days th Contest Voting starts in the GS Forum, many fine games and Demos were send in.
  • Pretty big download that. Is it in english?
  • StarEye wrote: »
    Pretty big download that. Is it in english?

    The demo is in english and in german language.

    Default is english and can be changed to german in a small config.ini file.

    SpeechPack-Demo is only available in german, but maybe listen to it is worthwhile, though.
  • The official Meteor Mess 3D forum:

    Meteor Mess 3D Board

    A Meteor Mess 3D website will be online within the next few days.

  • Hi there,

    In our Forum, Vectrex has postet that the Demo Runs Perfectly under Linux by useing WHINE.
    Thats a runtime Enviroment, that can start Windows Based Programms under Linux.
    Testet with "Ubuntu - Karmic Koala".
    If u have experience with the Demo under linux or other Operating Systems, please let us know.

    Regards Ernie
  • The AUM RETRO CONTEST has begun, and our Meteor Mess 3D is one of the Games, trying to Win.
    If you like our Game and thinks its the best, you can vote for us here.
    Making an Account there is for Free and there is nothing mor that folowws. No Spam mails oer such things.
    So dont be frightened to register there.

    Regards Ernie
  • Our Homepage fpr MM3D Went online:

    And we released a hotfix for the Demo:

    We also won the AUM Contest and got Place.
    Thx to all who votet for us.

    Regards Ernie
  • Our Project was mentioned in two German print Magazins. :D:D:D More infos on our page.

    regards Ernie
  • Theres a small interview about MM3D on the German gamenews page "". The text is in German but there are 4 new Screenshots to be seen too.
    The Rooms were shown before but this more actual screenshots show the progress made since the Alpha Tech Demo.
  • The first 5 rooms were retextured and enriched with many new details. Now they are looking far better than the old screens which are still on our homepage and in the alpha demo.
    The remade parts of the house give the player more the feeling like there is really someone living there.
    Beside new textures and models I worked on cleaning up the room-models from unseen polygones which brings a good performance boost to the new rooms and in the end to the whole game.
    My personal goal is to get the level of detail of our 3D enviroment close to the 2D backgrounds of the later LucasArts adventures (e.g. Monkey Island 2, Indy 4). For performance reasons this won't be fully possible, but I try to come as close to it as I can without "overfilling" the well known original rooms with useless stuff or lowering the FPS. I'll just add a few things per room which would fit to it and make the textures more detailed.
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