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Season DVD as a gift

posted by Schmee on - last edited - Viewed by 164 users
I would like to purchase a season DVD version (Strong Bad) as a gift. When I add the item to my cart, it shows up as "Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People + Collector's DVD: Five downloadable episodes, plus a DVD containing the games and video content."

My question is, if I were to purchase this item, would the downloadable episodes automatically be tied to my account or is there a code in the box that would allow the recipient of the gift to tie it to his account?

I just want to make sure that the game wouldn't be tied to my account. Can somebody please clarify this for me?

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  • HI Schmee,
    If you bought it as a gift, by checking the gift box at purchase, you will receive an order number and a gift code. The gift code will look something like; GIFT-1234-5678-9102

    Once your friend, the giftee, receives your gift, they can redeem the code here at The digital episodes will be loaded into their account upon registration. I think they'll have to put in their address and all that to get the dvd shipped to them.

    If you want me to check on your order after you purchase, just send me a msg through [email][/email] or a pm and I will see what they're getting exactly. I'll need the order number in that msg to me.

  • What the OP means is that when you place the season with the season dvd in the cart like the wallace and gromit one has now too it doesnt give you the checkbox option to give it as a gift only the option to have it wrapped unless that qualifies as the option for giving it as a gift, at which point it would have been nice to have that explained further.
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