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Need help with issue-24199

posted by Macfly77 Moderator on - last edited - Viewed by 184 users

Yesterday, I requested some support regarding games that I purchased as a gift for my brother (and I forgot to check the gift box).
I received an automated reply with issue #24199.
I know that it has barely been 24 hours, but my e-mail address is one of the ones that never got anything besides the automated response when you did the "tests" back in September (I had issue-21161 back then), so I don't expect a personalized reply unless I post something here.
Additional question: should I register another e-mail address with Telltale (I also used a Hotmail address back in September and that issue got a personalized reply after 37 minutes) or will that create some logistical problems with my account (order history, newsletter subscription,...)?

Thank you!
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  • Hey there,
    Sent you a pm with the reply from ticket 24199. Thanks for including that.

    You can use whatever email address works into support and it won't screw anything up. We can also change the email if you prefer, not a problem.

    Let's communicate through pm to get this situation resolved. ;)

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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Thanks Bonnie.
    I replied to your PM and changed my e-mail address in my account settings.
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