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Muzzled - dead end?

posted by ATMachine on - last edited - Viewed by 714 users
So I was playing Muzzled! today and ran across what I think is a nasty dead end.

I was controlling Gromit, trapped inside the Muzzler. At one point I gave the wrench to the dog who was powering the ride, who promptly took the wrench and absconded. The only problem was, I hadn't opened the grate at the top platform yet!

So when I freed the little twitchy dog from the jail cell, he just stood there by the hole he had left the cell through. I could apply grease to him, but not having the wrench anymore, I couldn't finish solving the puzzle!

I reloaded an old save-game file and replayed it, being sure to open the grate BEFORE handing the wrench to the dog. That got me through.

But this seems like a nasty dead end! Why is it still included? Or is there some alternate puzzle solution I'm missing?
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