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Sam & Max - White Window when clicking on icon

posted by craigles on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users

Computer specs: AMD Sempron 2400, Radeon 9550 graphics card, 1Gb RAM, Windows XP SP2, Creative Audigy 2 sound card

I've installed the game, and it runs fine if I run the game straight after installation (ie, leave the box ticked to run the game when the install is finished).

When I quit and then try to run by either clicking on the shortcut on the desktop, running through the start menu, or running the file from the game folder, I get a white window with 'Telltale Games' in the title bar and that is all - no menus, not even minimise and close buttons - so have to stop it using ctrl-alt-delete.

I guess this is the same problem described in the support FAQ:
Q: When the game starts, all I see is a white screen

However, deleting the prefs.prop file didn't seem to make any difference, and I was already set to 32 bit colour.

Any other ideas? I really enjoyed the first while I got to play... I'd like to be able to finish the episode now :)
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    Woo! Someone read the support FAQ! :D

    The difference between that first launch and any subsequent launch is that you now have saved games (even if it's just an auto save) that you didn't have before. Try this: go into the game folder and remove anything that ends in .save. Don't delete them, because then you'll lose your saves, but just try moving them out of the game folder and see if that helps.

    If you are then able to get into the game, I suggest going into the game options and changing the settings to low graphics quality and 800x600 resolution. Then quit, put your saves back, and see if you're able to start again.

    This is a cumbersome process, but if it works, it will at least help us determine what the problem is.
  • No difference after moving the saved game I'm afraid.

    As as experiment, I tried uninstalling, then re-downloading and re-installing the game. This time, it's not even running just after the installation is finished - same problem as running it from the desktop.

    The only things I can think of changing since the first installation are updating my graphics drivers (which I did to see if it solved the problem, so the problem with running the game after the first run did exist before that), and the normal anti-virus updates... can't think of anything else.
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    Okay, let me check in with the tech guys.
  • Ok - just for completeness and further experimenting, I figured I'd try downloading something else and see if the same happens.

    Downloaded the Ankh demo - exactly the same problem, tried running it straight from installation and from the desktop afterwards, and both just give the blank white window with 'Telltale Games' in the title.

    Is this the window where the launcher should appear?
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    That's very interesting. Yes, this is the window where the launcher should appear, and it's a standard IE shell in which HTML should be rendering. Did you remove Internet Explorer from your machine?

    I wonder if there's something wrong with your IE installation, or if you have a certain setting turned off that's interfering with this.

    Is there any chance you could send a screenshot of what you're seeing? You can post it here or email it to emily -at-
  • No problem - screenshot attached to the post.

    I still have IE installed on the machine - in fact, thanks to the fact that I usually use Firefox rather than IE, I've only just installed IE7 (which was another thing I tried to fix the problem once I thought it might be the launcher that wasn't displaying).

    I can't remember ever making any strange or interesting changes to my IE settings - if anyone can come up with one which might be stopping this from working I'll gladly check it.
  • An update after a few weeks away...

    It was an internet explorer problem - uninstalled IE7 and reinstalled IE6 again, which killed my windows installation... once I'd did a recovery installation, everything seems to be peachy.

    No idea what caused the initial problem, but at least anyone who manages to get the same problem in future might find this thread.
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    Thanks for the update! Glad it's working now, whatever the problem was.
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