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Chapter 5

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Okay so I finished the swordfight, and I got the bone and the anchor, and haven't managed do do anything at the thief's place. At the thief's place, I got the hint to use the dog to find lechuck's treasure, but I don't see any dog? Help on what to do next?
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  • Let's trade for information.

    The dog is at the Gateway; walk south from the Grog Machine (the path isn't obvious, but it's there). Don't feel bad; I felt like I was going nuts with Guybrush prattling on about a dog when I couldn't remember ever seeing one (didn't think back to the intro, dammit).

    Now you tell me where you found the bone.
  • Find a dog. He's around somewhere, though you might need to give him something to gain his friendship. What do you give a dog?
  • Go back to the first scene and walk all the way to the left to find the dog.
  • Ryusui;238013 said:
    Now you tell me where you found the bone.
    It comes in a pair with a skull.
  • Inconveniently, I haven't found a skull anywhere (apart from the ones on the side of the boat). More specific, please? EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. ^_^;

    And while I'm at it, what do I do at the Thieves' Den?
  • Hey ya'll
    I don't know if somebody is past to this, but I need the "gum" in the "prison" (I won't spoil).
    I tried every item and talked to everybody, it just says I have to scare the livings...
  • How do I get the thief to let me use the dog in his place?
  • Standard operating procedure. Talk to him and get him to turn his back with the topmost dialogue option. Then check the pile of scrolls. Grab something else, then go back to the treasure hunt after he's ushered you out. Finally, put Franklin back on the scent and get him to dig up the scroll.
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