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"Rise of the Pirate God" demo button links to wrong game.

posted by Dea ex Machina on - last edited - Viewed by 221 users
I'm a Tales of Monkey Island subscriber. Usually, I get an e-mail telling me that the new episode is available, and the e-mail provides a download link. For whatever reason, that didn't happen this time. (What's up with that, by the way?)

I figured, no problem, I'll download it from the "Try it free! Download the Demo" button in the store, unlock it with my code, get it that way."

I hit the button, left it to download, and tried to install it. Only then did I realize that I had just RE-downloaded "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal."

It looks like manually typing "" in the address bar should work, and the link in the "my games" page looks right. (I should have gone there first, but I've never downloaded an episode without following the e-mail link, so I've never actually visited that page. I forgot that it was there.) Sadly, I don't have time to do another download tonight.

It looks like all the TOMI games link to the Narwhal demo, so perhaps it's intentional? But if so, the link text is very unclear. Bone, Sam and Max and Strongbad all have individual game demos. And as I said, it looks like typing works just fine, so it seems like a demo link is supposed to be there.

Anyway, I should have no problem downloading it tomorrow through another link, but it was annoying. And now I have to wait. *sadface*
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hey there, sorry for the confusion, and that you didn't get the season subscriber email that went out just after the game's release apparently. Did you check spam? :(

    Starting with Wallace & Gromit and continuing with Tales of MI, we only created unlockable demos for the first episode of the series, partially due to the individual episodes not being sold in the store initially after the launch of those series.

    For future reference, you can always find the download links for your purchased stuff in "Your Games" (that joystick icon in the top menu). Hope that helps!
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